Japanese スカジャン Sukajan (Souvenir Jacket) Sizing and Fitting Guide

 For our own website purposes, basically there are two base styles of souvenir jackets that are observed in the market as shown below.


Japanese Souvenir Jacket Sukajan スカジャン Yokosuka Jumper Bomber Jacket Sizing Guide - www.japonista.com

Please be guided accordingly to distinguish which is which.

Manufacturer's Tag Size are usually indicated in the tag as well but since Asian, American and European sizing and standard references all vary and does not necessarily equate to each other.

We strongly advice, when in doubt, to consult with us regarding your questions or if you need clarifications or other comparisons when determining the fitting of a particular item or jacket. We can provide model pictures upon request for comparison purposes.

Approximate measurements are all given in centimeters, but please have some allowance for human error and sizing imperfection. About the sizing and fitting if you need some consultation, please let us know your details as follows:



 If in doubt, please send us the following details / information about you:

  1. A cropped body photo of yours, including your build (slim, average, muscular or big such like that)
  2. Tell us your preferred fitting either of the following (just, slim fit, loose, extra loose)
  3. Any other specifications or requests of your needs

It would help if you can send us your weight and height as well so we can imagine and advise you properly regarding the fitting as well.

Here is our contact form and details. This is the best way to determine and consult with us the fitting of the sukajanスカジャン or jacket of your choice then.

*We treat each case and consultation with utmost privacy and uphold integrity in handling them all private and sensitive information.



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