Denim Vietnam Jacket" combines historical masterpieces with denim fabric

The Vietnamese jacket (commonly known as Viet-Jan) may be a bit of a geek for the general public, but it is actually extremely popular among Houston fans as a well-known item. The ``Denim His Vietnam Jacket'' that we introduce today is an updated version of Houston's hidden masterpiece "Vietnamese Jacket'' using denim fabric. A piece that can be worn in a wider range of situations, and can also be enjoyed as it changes over time. If this is the case, it will be easy to incorporate even those who are not familiar with the military.

What is “Vietnamese Jacket (commonly known as Viet Jean)”?

Previously, in an article introducing Sukajan, I explained about ``souvenir jackets'', and this ``Vietnamese jacket'' is actually a type of ``souvenir jacket.''


The word "souvenir" in "souvenir jacket" generally refers to souvenirs and souvenirs.

After World War II, American soldiers stationed around Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, used oriental patterns such as hawks, tigers, and dragons as souvenirs, or embroidered images of the units and bases to which they belonged, as souvenirs. It is said that the souvenir jacket was originally worn or purchased in Yokosuka (Yokosuka).


It is said that sukajan came to be called ``sukajan'' for short because it was made (embroidered) in Yokosuka, or because it often had sky dragons embroidered on it.

So, what about “Vietjan”? As those with good intuition may already know, it is called a ``Vietnamese jacket'' because it is a ``souvenir jacket'' that was created during the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s.


The big difference between ``Sukajan'' and ``Vietjane'' is that ``Vietjana'' also uses materials such as parachute fabric. In the vintage market, this parachute fabric called ``Vietjian'' is very popular and is traded at a fairly high price.

In addition, many ``Sukajan'' designs have no collar and are ribbed, while ``Vietjana'' jackets, on the other hand, often have collared designs.


Which one you choose, ``Sukajan'' or ``Vietjan'', depends on your preference.


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``Sukajan (velveteen embroidered souvenir jacket)'' is a must-have item for fall and winter.


I will introduce this time

What is the charm of “Denim Vietnam Jacket”?

In fact, ``Houston'' also sells a ``Vietnamese Jacket'' that uses parachute fabric and is a faithful reproduction of the real thing, but this time we will be introducing an updated model that uses denim as the material.

Made of exquisitely thick (thin) denim fabric of 11 ounces, it retains the unique silhouette and light comfort of the Vietnam Jumper.

The denim is available in two colors: "Indigo", which is dark blue, and "Vintage Wash", which expresses a vintage texture. Indigo is for people who want to enjoy changes over time from scratch. "Vintage wash" is recommended for those who want to enjoy the finest texture from the beginning.

The embroidery on both chests, arms, and back faithfully recreates the atmosphere of the embroidery of the time.


By using denim material for the body, it is easy to incorporate into a wider range of coordinations.


Details of “Denim Vietnam Jacket”

11oz denim fabric

The body is made of 11oz denim fabric that is moderately light. Compared to regular G jackets and jeans, thin denim fabric provides a lighter feel. It can also be worn as an inner layer for heavy outerwear in the winter. The denim is available in two colors: ``Vintage Wash,'' which expresses a vintage texture, and ``Indigo,'' which is dark blue.


regular color

The collar uses a simple and basic regular collar. You can enjoy wearing it with an atmosphere whether you put the collar up or lay it down.


Embroidery on both chests

On the left chest, there is an embroidered ``tiger'' with an oriental feel, and on the right chest, the kanji ``Fuku'' is embroidered. Both types of embroidery are detailed and have a three-dimensional feel, faithfully reproducing the exquisite rough-hewn atmosphere that was typical of embroidery at the time.



The lining is semi-lined, and a brand tag is placed at the back of the collar.



The front zipper uses a textured "YKK" zipper.


embroidery on the back

A map of Vietnam is embroidered on the back. The detailed embroidery gives it a three-dimensional feel, and even the typical rough-hewn atmosphere of Viet Djan is faithfully reproduced.


Vibrant embroidery

The embroidery of ``tiger'' and ``dragon'' is drawn with a dynamic touch. The photo shows the embroidery on the arm.


pockets on both sides

There are slash pockets on both sides that make it easy to insert your hands. You can smoothly put in and take out your smartphone and other small items.


13 star button

The cuffs feature 13 metal star buttons. You can easily roll it up by unbuttoning it.


"Denim Vietnam Jacket"




"Denim Vietnam Jacket" uses 11oz denim fabric for the body. The embroidery on both chests, arms, and back faithfully reproduces the atmosphere of Vietnamese jackets from the time. The front has a zipper and is made by YKK, which has a nice texture. Metal 13 star buttons are used on the cuffs. Available in two colors: indigo and vintage wash. Why not consider adding the updated Viet Jean to your Wardrobe, which has been updated so that it can be worn in a wider range of situations?