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The souvenir jacket (commonly known as the sukajan in Japan) originated during the early days of post World War II. The jackets featured of oriental designs (eagle, tiger, dragon) and/or the servicemen's very own designs of their unit or base names, etc. Later, souvenir jackets became commercialized and sold through Post Exchanges (PX: commissaries within the US army bases) throughout Japan.

Kosho & Co., the predecessor of Toyo Enterprise, was the main suppliers of the souvenir jackets and other garments for U.S. bases at the time. By the 1950's, during its peak, Kosho & Co. had acquired 95% of entire souvenir jacket market. Rooting back from Kosho & Co., Tailor Toyo has been the leading brand of creating sukajyan for over half century.

Sukajan by Tailor Toyo is not merely a temporary trend, but a representation of the culture that has been passed down for generations and the essence of originality and authenticity.

If you are looking for the staple and the brand the represents the identity of the might and glorious sukajan, then definitely Tailor Toyo is a winner. Having one is a statement itself and can seal your appeal as an Amekaji afficionado in its purest sense.

Tailor Toyo is a Japanese clothing brand known for its high-quality and meticulously crafted garments, particularly vintage-style jackets and outerwear. The brand is renowned for its dedication to recreating iconic American and military-inspired clothing with exceptional attention to detail and authenticity.

Key features and aspects of Tailor Toyo include:

  1. Vintage and Military Reproductions: Tailor Toyo specializes in reproducing vintage and military-style garments. They often recreate iconic jackets, flight suits, bomber jackets, and other classic pieces, paying close attention to historical accuracy.

  2. Embroidery and Patchwork: Tailor Toyo is especially famous for its intricate embroidery and patchwork, often featuring motifs like eagles, tigers, dragons, and other traditional designs. Their embroidery work is considered top-notch and is a hallmark of their brand.

  3. Collaborations: The brand has collaborated with various artists, designers, and brands to create unique and limited-edition collections. These collaborations often result in creative and exclusive designs.

  4. Craftsmanship: Tailor Toyo is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. They use high-quality materials and traditional production techniques to ensure the authenticity and durability of their garments.

  5. Retro Aesthetics: The brand's designs often reflect a retro and nostalgic aesthetic, evoking the styles of the mid-20th century, particularly post-World War II America.

  6. Japanese Heritage: Despite specializing in American and military-inspired fashion, Tailor Toyo is a Japanese brand rooted in Japan's rich heritage of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  7. Collectibility: Tailor Toyo's garments are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of vintage and military-style clothing due to their historical accuracy and unique designs.

Overall, Tailor Toyo is celebrated for its ability to capture the essence of classic American and military fashion while infusing it with a touch of Japanese craftsmanship and artistry. Their jackets and clothing items are considered collectors' pieces and are valued for their authenticity and design aesthetics.


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