About Us: Our Mission and Thoughts

Our mission is to curate majorly all things cool and fabulous about Japan. 

The local Japanese culture and its interesting historical roots and traditions is vibrant with inspirational items, ideas and concepts that continue to positively influence our modern daily lives in this generation. Needless to say, we have so much to learn and appreciate from it, but what a good way to experience them is by owning a piece or something from this country.

Thus, we have coined the word / term: "Japonista"

Japonista = Japon/Japan + ista (a la Fashionista but with the flair for something Japanese-inspired); people who love Japanese culture and Pop-cool-ture.

Starting from its historical antiques to vintage items and finally, contemporary art and lifestyle iconic objects and modern amplifications observed from its raw culture to  pop "cool-ture", we are happy to share our aesthetic tastes and picks of what we think is nice owning from this part of the world.

We are not just your typical shopping website or deputy shopping assistant based in Japan specializing in old stuff and modern stuff alone. We wish to effectively combine all elements of this "Japonisme" / "Japonican/ "Japonesque" phenomenon by presenting historical vintage and antique items dating back to the warring states of the Samurai era to American Casual Fashion Clothing (Amekaji) modern art pieces and contemporary crossovers between the super flat world of Takashi Murakami vs. Off White and KAWS and other toys and lifestyle luxury brands. We want to embody Japan as it is, as it is known for its original and peculiarities that we all share a penchant of in one way or another.



Japanese Vintage Arts and Antiques

Traditional to Modern and Contemporary Art / Toys / Tneakers / Fashion / Lifestyle

Inspirational, Iconic and Exciting collectibles

We aim to create a safe space and a community wherein Japan Lovers can directly purchase and order anything from Japan while cultivating this need to curate all things beautiful and nice about our beloved Japan and its respected and adored cultural traditions.

You can expect us to showcase, beautiful works of art, vintage items, antiquities, curios and offer them thru our proven systematic fulfillment processes in sending them directly from here in Japan. We do handle anything under the sun and take pride in providing solutions for any big or small item in terms of logistics and shipping.

Everything is personalized here and we hope to meet and serve serious collectors, auctions houses, interior design companies or studios by feeding you and them unparalleled updates regarding aesthetically tasteful items that you have been dreaming of purchasing and bringing home from Japan. So if you are keenly looking for a local liaison partner who can find things for your and consolidate your orders and provide logistical solutions to your needs, please do no not hesitate to discuss with us how we can team up and become your trusted partner and bridge in Japan.

We really do not have a bargain here and please do not expect us to cater to that market because we believe that if we want to do our mission which is to present the beauty of Japan (美意識)and curate it for the future generations to come, then we must be able to comfortably do that to focus on the finer things that will serve as the model and structure for similar intentions and movements.

It is with great pride to use our own flavor in defining the meaning of great service in the context of online shopping experience from where ever you are. We we want you to feel safe and secure about your transaction with us as we nurture a lifelong friendship and business relationship. We are confident about it because we are not only passionate in what we do but we know the exact feeling of what it is to become a "collector". It is with this perspective that we wish to dive into the details and sensitivities of your inner itch to pursue items from here.

Thank you very much for your getting to know about us and we look forward to serving you soon!

serving you with love,

Curate Japan family

Curate Japan