Kategorie: "Cote Mer" Bespoke Handmade Japanese Upscale Fashion Collection


Designers: Norio Sato / Seishi Naito

The self-taught Japanese designer, Norio Sato, a former vintage clothes buyer, has been receiving widespread acclaim for his distinctive and innovative approach to fashion.

In 2008 he founded the Cote Mer brand with Japanese pattern maker Seishi Naito. Since then, they have been reinventing vintage materials and silhouettes, by recycling and enhancing them. They have also been experimenting with modern textiles on vintage, one-off garments, which they liken to rare oceanic waves. The Japanese proverb “Ichi-go Ichi-e”, means “once during a lifetime”, and this inspires Sato.

Each item of his classic apparel selection has an exquisite design which allows it to flourish sartorially in an unforgettable way. This is similar to the indescribably majestic waves, individually crafted by nature, that break on our shores every “once in a lifetime”.

The label presents a collection inspired by ’90s youth culture but as such is delivered in silhouettes favorited by most today. Designers Norio Sato and Seishi Naito, a former vintage clothing buyer and Japanese pattern maker respectively, partnered together in 2008 and have been churning out new wears from used garments to bring forth modish pieces with a vintage spirit ever since.

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