Originated in Yokosuka - The Charm of Sukajan

Originated in Yokosuka - The Charm of Sukajan


Originated in Yokosuka - The charm of Skajan

Yokosuka has long been a port town visited by foreign ships, and is a city with an exotic atmosphere. Before the war, it was a base for the former Japanese Navy, and today it serves as a base for the Self-Defense Forces and a base for the U.S. Navy in Japan. The enterprising spirit of the former Japanese Navy gave birth to various traditions and cultures in Yokosuka.

Yokosuka Navy Burger, Yokosuka Navy Curry, Yokosuka Cherry Cheesecake...
The world's three largest commemorative ships "Mikasa", Sarushima, Uraga Dog...

And above all, the Yokosuka jumper, commonly known as “Sukajan”!

This time, we will introduce one of ``MIKASA'', a shop specializing in sukajans, which was founded in 1955 and sells sukajans from tailor Toyo, Minatosho sukajans, original, custom-made sukajans, Kanreki sukajans (Kanreki sukajans), etc. on Dobuita-dori, Yokosuka. We spoke to Mr. Hitomoto.

Please tell me about Sukajan.

Mr. Ippon : Sukajan is an abbreviation for "Yokosuka jumper." It came to be called ``Sukajan'' by combining ``Suka'' from Yokosuka and ``Jan'' from jumper.
Sukajan is a jumper made of shiny satin or velvet, which is what we call ``velveteen'' material, with embroidery of eagles, tigers, dragons, etc.

Please tell us about the history of Sukajan.

Mr. Ippon : The history of Sukajan began after the war as a souvenir for American soldiers. It was originally called a "souvenir jacket", a souvenir jacket. It was said to have been a very popular souvenir for American soldiers to take back to their home country. Designs of eagles, tigers, and dragons are said to have been popular in the United States because they are associated with the Orient and Asia.

What do you think is the appeal of Sukajan?

Mr. Ippon : It's a fashion that can be worn by a variety of people, regardless of gender or age.

Please tell us about Yokosuka Dobuita Street, the birthplace of Sukajan.

Mr. Ippon : Yes.
This Dobuita Street prospered as a shipyard town during the Edo period, a former navy town during the Meiji era, and a U.S. Navy town after the war. The name Dobuita-dori Street is said to have come from the fact that there was a river running through the middle of the road, and they received an iron plate from the navy to cover the river.

Of all the Skajan jackets you've made, are there any designs that left an impression on you?

Mr. Ippon : When we talk about custom-made products, there are many cases in which the wishes of the person who ordered them are incorporated into the design. A couple of customers who ordered embroidered Skajan jackets were very impressive.

Sukajan is a fashion item that is very popular not only in Japan but all over the world.

The Yokosuka Museum of Art is currently holding the ``15th Anniversary PRIDE OF YOKOSUKA Sukajan Exhibition''.
Mainly the precious vintage collection of Taylor Toyo (Toyo Enterprises Co., Ltd.), approximately 140 Skajans from all over the world and works by contemporary artists are on display.
In addition, a glimpse of the "base culture" that developed around U.S. military bases around the country was introduced, such as photos and materials of postwar Dobuita Street, and products that were actually sold to U.S. soldiers. It seems that you can understand the charm of.

15th Anniversary PRIDE OF YOKOSUKA Sukajan Exhibition: