Japanese Souvenir Jacket 「スカジャン」+ Outerwear Collection

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  • Defining Japonisme

    Japonisme signifies the Western world's profound admiration and integration of Japanese art and design elements into its own cultural and artistic expressions, creating a dynamic and transformative period in art history.

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  • "Sukajan" & "Sutajan" Differences

    Due to the revival boom, the"Sutajan / Stajan / Stajum"has been gaining popularity. However, there is often confusion between"Sukajan / Skajan / Skajum,""Varsity Jacket,"and"Award Jacket."

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  • Why Do We Love Japan?

    Japan – the land of sushi, samurai, and...sumo wrestlers doing splits? Yep, that's right! Japan is a country that has captured our hearts and taste buds, and today, we're diving deep into the hilarious and heartwarming reasons why we can't help but love Japan.

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