Souvenir Jacket / Sukajan Styling

Sukajan coordination is now a staple item for fall and winter.

This year, 2022, there is no doubt that fashionable men will continue to dress well.

Some people may be worried about the difficulty of Sukajan coordination.
In this article, we will introduce this year's fashionable sukajan styles and brands.
Let's enjoy fashion by wearing Sukajan in a stylish and cool manner!

Why do beginners feel that they are not good at Sukajan? Explain the three reasons.

You may find it a bit difficult to suddenly start creating a fashion style that incorporates sukajans.

"Don't I look like an old man?''
"I don't know how to dress.''

There is an image that it seems difficult.

Why do beginners feel that they are not good at Sukajan?
I would like to introduce three reasons why I feel that I am not good at it.

・It doesn't seem to be popular with women
・It can look tacky depending on how you wear it
・There are cases where it doesn't match the latest fashion trends

From here, we will explain each in detail.

Because it doesn't seem to appeal to women

I don't like Sukajan jackets because they don't seem to be popular with women. It seems that there are many men who say that. There may certainly be some women who are not good at embroidery, which can be said to be the most distinctive feature of sukajan .

In addition, there are many women who think that Japanese patterns such as tigers and dragons, which can be said to be representative designs of sukajans, are outdated.
This gives rise to the image that "Sukajan jackets'' are not popular with women.

Therefore, it is important to incorporate sukajan as a cool item even from a woman's point of view.

Depending on how you dress, you can look tacky

Depending on how you wear a sukajan, you may end up looking very much like an old man.
The items to match with sukajan are quite important, and depending on how you wear them, you can create a classically cool look.

Japanese patterns are quite trendy from a global perspective, and Skajan jackets will become a staple item that uses Japanese patterns in the future, so you'll want to stay on top of this.

There are cases where it does not match the latest fashion trends.

Just because you match your sukajan to this year's fashion trends doesn't mean you'll become a fashion expert.
As with any combination, depending on the item, it may produce a negative effect.

Although skajans are becoming a standard item, they still have a strong impact.
It is important to understand in advance the characteristics of items that look cool with skajans.

[Basic knowledge of Sukajan] Explanation from the origin of Sukajan!

Do you even know what Sukajan is?
Since it's getting a little cold, it might be a good idea to wear a light, stylish outer layer.
However, by knowing even a little about the roots of sukajan, you will feel more familiar with sukajan, and it will become an item that you will want to wear more.

From here, I will summarize what Sukajan is.

 First of all, what is Sukajan?

A "sukajan'' is a jacket made of satin material, which is a shiny synthetic fabric.

Two fabrics are commonly used for skajans: "satin'' and "velveteen.''
Satin includes rayon, acetate, polyester, etc.
It seems that some items are made of silk, but those made of silk are extremely high-quality.

The most distinctive feature of the Skajan is the flashy embroidery, mainly on the back .

 Roots of Sukajan

The roots of sukajan go back to the immediate postwar period.
At the time, American soldiers stationed in Japan had their jackets embroidered with typical Japanese patterns and the motifs of their units as "mementos for returning to the United States'' after completing their mission. It is said to have started when people brought it home .

The name sukajan also comes from American souvenirs, and it was first popularly known as "souvenir jacket.'' From around the 1960s, "souvenir jackets'' began to be called "sukajan'',
the current name . One theory is that the name skajan was taken from "Yokosuka Jumper,'' after Yokosuka, where American soldiers were stationed at the time.

What is the charm of Sukajan coordination?

From here, I will explain the appeal of Sukajan.
What exactly is the charm of Sukajan coordination?
I can point out three of its charms.

・Your usual outfit + sukajan will completely change your impression!
・Sukajan has a wide variety of designs, so you can find the one you like!
・Can also be used as a link coordination for couples!

The above three points are the major charms of Sukajan Coordination.
From here, we will get closer to the charm of each one.

Your usual outfit + sukajan will completely change your impression!

She's wearing the same outfit as usual. Have you ever had such an experience?

At times like this, wearing a sukajan will make a big difference to your usual impression and make you look more fashionable.
Just by wearing just one sukajan, you can make even a simple outfit look strong and cool, and you can even mix formal and casual outfits.

Sukajan coordination is recommended when you want to mix and match a wide variety of outfits.

Skajan jackets come in a wide variety of designs, so you can find the one you like!

You may have the impression that skajans have large embroidery, but this is actually not the case.
Some have embroidery, while others are plain and simple .
The materials and sizes vary depending on the item, so you can find something you like.

It would be a good idea to go and find your favorite Sukajan.

Surprising! It can also be used as a "Pair Look" coordination for couples!


This is truly a classic coordination.
Although it can be said to be a manly outfit, it has a simple, effortless look that will appeal to women.

Black sukajan x skinny denim

The combination of a voluminous black sukajan and skinny jeans gives you a streamlined look.
Recommended when you want to coordinate long legs.

Khaki sukajan x denim


WEARKhaki is a standard color for fall and winter, and skajans are also often worn in fall and winter.
In that sense, the khaki ska jacket is the perfect item for fall and winter.
Khaki and navy go very well together even though they are dark colors, so we recommend incorporating navy into your shoes.

It is also important not to increase the number of colors too much.

Pair with long tops

Speaking of sukajan, it is originally short in length and has a small silhouette.
Therefore, by choosing a longer top, you can create a mature look.

Utilize all black sukajan

This outfit is all black.
Wearing a sukajan jacket often gives a flashy impression.
However, if you wear it all in black, the embroidered sukajan jacket will become a focal point and look really cool.
Recommended if you like simple coordination.

Match with flare pants

A recent trend is for men to often wear loose-fitting flared pants.
Flare pants with a texture similar to thin slacks can be worn with a sukajan for a casual look.

Definitely popular with women! Match with beautiful items

If you usually wear tight-fitting clothes or if your favorite clothes are neat, we recommend pairing them with a white high neck and sukajan.
The white high neck has a clean feel, so even if you incorporate a sukajan into it, it won't give off a harsh impression at all.

There is no doubt that it will be popular with women as a men's version of a sweet and spicy mixed outfit.

From masculine items to trendy items! [Sukajan] Introducing the brand.

Many skajans are reversible.
You can enjoy two different designs with just one piece, so you should definitely try it out.
There are a variety of variations, from those with bold designs on both sides to those with plain colors on the back.
It would be a good idea to look for a sukajan while thinking about what kind of sukajan would go well with the clothes you currently own.

Here, we will introduce five carefully selected Sukajan brands that we recommend.
All five brands have completely different expressions, so check them out to see if there's something you're interested in.

"Vanquish" Shibuya souvenir jacket

"Vanquish" is a Japanese fashion brand founded in the 2000s.
They carry a wide range of styles, from casual to formal, and their stylish designs are the secret to their popularity.
Focusing on items that originated in Japan, the large embroidery on the back is a map of Shibuya.
With Hachiko on the chest, it has a design that truly symbolizes Japan.

In addition, it can be used in 2 ways, Sukajan and MA-1, and the cost performance is also good.

"Rotor" velveteen sukajan

``Rotor'' is a Japanese fashion brand that started in 2000.
He works on skateboards and motorcycles, and has a unique worldview.
This velveteen sukajan has embroidery with an alcoholic theme, giving it a playful feel.
The first feature is that the velveteen material used is shiny.
The fabric has a slightly brushed feel like velor, so if you want a sukajan that gives off a mature and elegant impression, this is the best choice.

“Tailor Toyo” Acetate Souvenir Jacket

Tailor Toyo is a long-established brand famous for its Skajan jackets.
This is surprising since the brand had a 95% market share for Sukajan at US military bases right after the war.
The great thing about Tailor Toyo's Sukajan is that it is reversible and can be worn.
The front and back sides are each a different color, so it's nice to have completely different impressions.
The outer material is typical of Sukajan, with a tiger accent on the back, but the lining is embroidered with Japanese landscapes, so if you like Japanese patterns, give this a try.

"Jackson Mathis" souvenir jacket

Jackson Matisse is an American brand that started in 2005.
The theme is unpretentious everyday wear, with a modern twist on vintage American clothing and surf-related items.
The sukajan is made of 100% rayon material and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
This sukajan was created with the image of what it would be like to make a souvenir jacket in California.
It is reversible and has embroidery on the lining.


AVIREX is an American military wear brand founded in 1975.
He is a talented man who also delivers military flight jackets.
It has embroidery that gives it a nostalgic feel, and although it is unique, it has a stylish design that is not too flashy.
In addition to black, which has a calm atmosphere, the colors include gray and pink, which are fashionable even for women, so they are perfect for link coordination.

[Sukajan] can be worn stylishly depending on the clothes you match it with!

Sukajan jackets can create completely different impressions depending on the clothes you wear them with, and the coloring and size of the Sukajan jacket itself.
Also, if you find your favorite sukajan brand, it can be a special item that can be worn both casually and formally.
Even if you've been avoiding sukajan coordination because you think it's difficult to wear, you'll definitely be able to find the sukajan you like by referring to the tips we've listed above.
I hope that you can find a piece that is easy to match with your everyday clothes and that will make you an expert in fashion.