Batto Musume: Badass Girl Wagara Brand

Batto Musume: Badass Girl Wagara Brand

Let me introduce you to what kind of brand Batto Musume is.

There are a total of seven batto girls, which are popular among Japanese pattern brands.

We've posted each character's characteristics, face photos, and differences from the previous ones, so please find your favorite one♪

Sometimes bikers come to the store with their whole bodies dressed as battō girls, which is really cool!

Recently, it has become more popular among women♪

What is Batto Musume?

Battou Musume is a brand with a new taste that breaks away from traditional Japanese patterns and fuses the beauty of Japan with girls. Based on the concept of ``If heaven doesn't judge, we will judge ourselves'', we designed the style of a batto girl holding a sword in her hand. Each character has a name (Aoi, Rin, Hina, Yuai, Honoka, etc.), and the interesting thing about Batto Musume is that new characters appear!

Face and name of Battō Musume


↑This is Rin from before, this is an image from around 2017.

↓ From here, Rin around 2020, the illustrator has changed, so her expression has changed slightly.

 Our most popular Rin! She has medium-length hair and is a lively beauty.She has recently appeared as a honey character and is gaining popularity♪


↑This is Aoi from before, this is an image from around 2017.

↓Aoi from around 2020.

In the past, Aoi was usually the one with a cold, side-eyed look, but recently she has become more popular with her soft expression♪


↑This is the image of Honoka from before, around 2017.

↓Here is Honoka around 2020.

Honoka is the one tying her hair! It's changed dramatically. The strong-willed Yankee older sister has changed into a beautiful and strong-willed older sister.

(The image on the bottom right has a different illustrator and a different face lol)


↑This is Hina from before, this is an image from around 2017.

↓Hina from around 2020.

Hina has long hair down and cold eyes! However, recently he has started to see me in many different ways, such as how he wears his hair and his facial expressions change. It's like calling me a kind sister♪



↑This is Yuai from before, this is an image from around 2017.

↓From here on, Yui love before and after 2020.


Yua is the mature older sister! I feel like she's an older sister, so I feel at ease♪


↑This is Ichika from before, this is an image from around 2017.

↓From here, Ichika around 2020.

Ichika has a strong image of being the youngest child. There are a lot of provocative expressions♪


A new character that has recently appeared, Mizuki, is unlike any of the previous batto girls, and if anything, she's the kind of girl you want to protect♪

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