A Thorough Introduction to Men's Japanese Wagara Brands

A Thorough Introduction to Men's Japanese Wagara Brands

We will tell you about popular manufacturers of T-shirts/jeans/sukajans, etc.


Introducing Japanese pattern brands for men. From traditional flashy brands to simple brands, accessories, character designs, and collaboration brands with anime and manga, you can get a complete understanding of Japanese pattern brands here!

The classic Japanese pattern! If you are looking for a brand with many flashy designs, this is it.

"Karakuri Tamashi'' (Entangled Soul), which is extremely popular in the Japanese pattern world, offers a wide range of items such as Japanese pattern T-shirts, jeans, sukajans, hats, and accessories.

In the past, this brand was worn by Matsutchan in Downtown, and is often worn on Yakuza TV.

One of the charms of Tsuguri Tamashii is that it comes in a wide variety of designs, including the classic patterns of cherry blossoms, dragons, and carp, as well as wind and thunder gods, phoenixes, skulls, tigers, wolves, and recently, bears.

We carry not only flashy patterns but also simple patterns, so it is recommended for those who want to try a calm Japanese pattern!

Hanatabi Band (Hanatabi Gakudan)

Speaking of high-quality Japanese-patterned sukajans, Hanatabi Band is the name. The variety of delicate embroidery that expresses Japanese patterns is a must-see.

The intricate embroidery requires over 1.2 million stitches at most, and if you consider that 4 stitches are done per second, it takes over 100 hours to simply make one product.

There are also some items other than Sukajan, such as jeans and Japanese-patterned shirts, which are finished items that fully utilize the embroidery skills cultivated in Sukajan.



Satori is infused with the tastes of two Japanese pattern brands: 100 Flowers and Script! By arranging Japanese taste with rock, we are expressing a unique world view that has never been seen before.

Recommended for those who want a sukajan with lots of delicate embroidery.

It seems like the quality is the same as Hanatabi Band, but the pattern is different.

Kacho Fugetsu (Kacho Fugetsu)


Kacho Fugetsu expresses original and fresh ideas with high technology and releases innovative and excellent items.

Both flashy patterns and simple patterns have their own taste and are popular.

Motifs that first create a boom are often used, such as new Japanese patterns, and Kacho Fugetsu is what sparked the nine-tailed pattern and the wolf pattern.

Kacho Fugetsu's brother brand Oboro Sukajan series is also selling very well, so if you are looking for a cheaper Skajan, please check it out.




Nishijin Nishiki was worn by men and women living in Edo during events. Its gorgeous yet tasteful, purely Japanese appearance has been passed down as a tradition to the present day. [Nishiki] arranges its splendid and brave appearance into modern Western clothing, creating a unique worldview.

Unfortunately, there are almost no new products available at the moment, making it a semi-dormant brand.

Eva collaboration items rarely come out.

Kinozakura (Koromozakura)

With a wide variety of patterns ranging from simple to flashy patterns, this brand is sure to be familiar to anyone who likes Japanese patterned shirts.

Shirts made with Japanese pattern fabric create a very nice atmosphere and are an essential key item for beautiful Japanese pattern fashion.

The price range is from the low to high 10,000 yen, so it's not a cheap item, but the quality is good.

Don't miss the fact that over 90% of our products are made in Japan. Recommended for those looking for an authentic Japanese pattern shirt.



Kijin's concept is ``The person who wears it and the person who sees it will smile. Even if there are no words, it will make you smile. I want to feel Japan and make people smile.'' This is a Japanese pattern brand that proposes monotsukuri!

We produce many Japanese-patterned items that are mainly printed, and incorporate a lot of playful touches. Recommended for those who are looking for clothes that are different from others.

There are many Japanese patterns that are relatively gentle, so even those who are new to Japanese patterns can easily wear them.

Dorobo Nikki (Thief Nikki)

Thief Diary is a Japanese pattern brand that is constantly challenging and evolving. The balance between casual and Japanese patterns is exquisite, and the artistic colors and designs attract many Thief Diary fans.

Unfortunately, it is currently on hiatus, and sales of new works are undecided.

■Japanese pattern brand with popular character designs


Battō Musume (Battoumsume)

 Battou Musume is a brand with a new taste that breaks away from traditional Japanese patterns and fuses the beauty of Japan with girls. Based on the concept of ``If heaven doesn't judge, we will judge ourselves'', we designed the style of a batto girl holding a sword in her hand.

The character of Batto Musume is fixed.

It is one of the most popular Japanese pattern brands, and is also popular among foreigners. The price range is about the same as that of Tsukageri Tamashii, and the T-shirts and other items are mainly printed, and are gaining popularity for their bright designs.

There are many embroidered items such as jeans and hoodies, so it is recommended that you choose one according to your preference.

Recently, we have also released items with mini character versions, which are also popular among women.




At first, it was just a panda that was released as part of a Japanese pattern, but it sold more than expected, and a brand called Pandiesta was born.

Every item has panda elements, and Japanese pattern elements are only occasionally included. Many people love the panda's bold appearance, making it popular with both men and women.

We offer a variety of items, so you can get your whole body pandiesta.


Sanmaruichi (Sanmaruichi)


This is a Japanese pattern brand that puts frogs first. They have a lot of momentum and a large number of new products, so you can choose from a variety of patterns.

Recommended for people who don't want to overlap in fashion with others because they have a unique worldview!

They make good use of embroidery and prints, and many of their T-shirts and other items are made of thin fabric, making them perfect for people who are sensitive to heat.

Goku Honpo

The brand incorporates the silhouette of a monkey (Goku) into its design, and offers not only Japanese patterns but also American casual styles.

The Japanese pattern taste is popular at our store, and the brand has many long-time fans!

Until recently, we only sold T-shirts and hoodies, but now we also sell jeans and other items, and the variety is increasing.

Now and then (Konjaku)

This brand combines embroidery and prints with fox motifs. They have many cute designs and are popular with both men and women.

We also sell jeans, so you can match them with tops and bottoms.




 CHIGIRI is a brand based on the concept of "Japanese & American" and is particular about shape and comfort.

We make many Japanese-made items and develop our products with an emphasis on comfort. In addition to being comfortable to wear, we also use innovative designs.

There are lots of interesting items, such as jeans made with sashiko fabric and Japanese fabric on the sleeves!

The Chigiri-chan series is particularly popular, and collaborations with Devilman and Cutie Honey are also selling well.


It is a brand mainly based on rabbits, but it is currently discontinued. On rare occasions, we sell items in collaboration.

■Japanese pattern brand with handwritten designs




ZEN is a Japanese pattern brand originating from Kyoto. We create products with a focus on hand-painted items. Items made with the soul of craftsmen captivate those who see them.

The disadvantage is that it takes about a month to produce, but the actual product is spectacular. This brand is highly recommended for those who are not good at embroidery.


Hand-painted items by Usui. Personally, Fudo Myoo and Aun are really cool. The quality of the handwriting is evident throughout, and it is sure to stand out. it's recommended.

Because each T-shirt is hand-finished, each T-shirt has a slightly different design even if it has the same pattern, making it a one-of-a-kind T-shirt in the world.


■Japanese pattern brand focusing on accessories

Hanayama (Kazan)


Kazan is a brand that sells wallets made from a combination of gorgeous gold brocade textiles woven from Kyoto's Nishijin-ori tradition and carefully selected genuine leather. In addition to wallets, we also produce leather items such as coin purses, bags, and leather jackets.

Rather than cheap accessories, we create items that are well-made and can be used for a long time.



 MOTONO (geta) is made in Hita, Hyogo Prefecture, which is known as the origin of cedar.

Hita Geta's easy-to-wear comfort, which exudes the confidence and spirit of craftsmen who have inherited traditional techniques, has also been reconsidered from a health perspective, and has become a quiet craze!

Dragon figure (crown)

The brand used to sell shoes with Japanese patterns, but production has now been discontinued.

RYUZU Silver accessory crown

[Ryuzu] specializes in the technique of ``arare'', which has been used since ancient times to make pots and teapots, and sells silver accessories. Each accessory is beautifully created with a sense of weight, power, and delicate technique.

A Japanese pattern brand that focuses on simple designs.





Japanesque is a brand created by the same manufacturer as Satori and Hanatabi Gakudan Band. Recommended for those who want a slightly more mature sukajan.




Wajin was born out of the desire to convey Japanese culture and traditions in a more familiar way. This is a ``purely made in Japan'' product that incorporates the fun of Japan into the design, and all processes, including cutting, printing, and production, are made domestically.

Bitchu Kurashiki Workshop/Kura (Bitchu Kurashiki Koubou)

At Bicchu Kurashiki Kobokura, which specializes in indigo-dyed products and adheres to the one-of-a-kind policy, most of their products are made with skilled craftsmanship, and because they are not sold in large numbers, they are known for their high rarity value and long-lasting wear. Denim and jeans are by far the most popular items with Japanese patterns!

It is currently on hiatus. They sell cool jeans and other items too.

A Japanese pattern brand that collaborates with manga and anime

Evangelion x Nishiki

When it was first released, it was an unexpected combination that caused an uproar throughout the Japanese pattern industry.

We currently sell collaboration items a few times a year.

Dragon Ball x Entrainment Spirit

This is a collaboration with Dragon Ball that I personally have been waiting for.

Personally, this item is highly acclaimed, as it features detailed embroidery of Dragon Ball characters.

Galaxy Express x Karakuri Tamashi

Maetel was more popular than this creation.

I think the combination of Japanese pattern and Maetel is quite rare.

We also have various collaboration items such as Fist of the North Star, One Piece, and Ultraman!

Introducing Japanese pattern brands by item

Introducing brands that carry standard Japanese pattern items such as T-shirts, jeans, and sukajans♪










Brands that often carry Japanese pattern jeans

Basically, there aren't many brands that carry a lot of them, and it can be confusing to have so many different types to choose from, but each one sells unique jeans.

It's usually difficult to make comparisons like this, so I've summarized them in an easy-to-read format.








Brands that often carry Sukajan

There are many different brands of Japanese-patterned sukajans.









If you are interested in any men's Japanese pattern brands that we do not carry in our store, please contact us!

We look at the products of the brands you tell us about, and if we think they are good, we will carry them!

We provide the latest information and exhibition status through our blog. We also show off planned products that are not yet on sale, so please be sure to read the blog regularly♪

I hope this article is helpful to those who like Japanese wagara design for inspiration and fashion.








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