Yokosuka Sukajan / Yokosuka Jumper

The history of Sukajan goes back to World War II. It is said that American soldiers stationed in Yokosuka brought fabric (remnants of silk parachute cloaks) as souvenirs to their home country after the end of the war, and had the jackets they had made decorated with oriental embroideries such as dragons, tigers, and eagles. It is.

After the 1960s, it became popular among young people as a subculture such as rockabilly and rock'n'roll, and after that, designer brands started using skajans, gaining attention both domestically and internationally, and establishing the status of ``skajans.''

What kind of embroidery was applied to Sukajan? Honestly, anything goes, but patterns with motifs such as Mt. Fuji, carp, tsunami, cherry blossoms, dragons, and tigers are especially popular. There are also items with anime character motifs.

If you're looking for sukajan, we recommend Dobuita Dori Shopping Street in Yokosuka, the birthplace of sukajan. You're sure to find ``authentic sukajan'' featuring embroidery made with the skills of Yokosuka craftsmen.