Sukajan Jackets Praised by Foreigners!

Sukajan jackets, known for their striking embroidery, are trendy fashion items not only in Japan but also abroad. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams are often seen wearing them, and they are currently creating a buzz.

The Birth of Sukajan as Souvenirs from the U.S. Military First, they visited 'Hinoya One.' Established in 1949, the longstanding jeans shop 'Hinoya' initially had a store in Asakusa. Later, it relocated to Ueno and started dealing with surplus goods from the U.S. military, which is the origin of the three stores that exist in Ueno Ameyoko today.

Among the American casual items based on jeans that 'Hinoya' offers, 'Hinoya One' specializes in high-fashion brands. They also have a wide range of aloha shirts.

They offer a wide variety of sukajan jackets as well. Sukajan jackets were originally created shortly after World War II as souvenirs and mementos by American soldiers. After the war, they were commonly referred to as "souvenir jackets."

The origin of the term "sukajan" is subject to different theories. One suggests that it was derived from "Yokosuka Jumper" because it was created in Yokosuka, where there was a U.S. military base. Another theory suggests that it was shortened from "Sky Dragon Jumper," a term based on the patterns commonly used in embroidery at the time.

Sukajan jackets, initially souvenirs, feature Oriental motifs like tigers, dragons, and eagles, as well as traditional Japanese patterns. It's no surprise that they often include city names where military bases were located and the flags of both Japan and the United States. Timothy and Cathy were eager to learn more about the roots and charm of sukajan jackets as they listened to the store staff.

Sukajan jackets come in a wide range of prices. The price difference is influenced by factors like the type of fabric used and the craftsmanship of the embroidery. Higher-end sukajan jackets typically use acetate or rayon fabrics, while more affordable ones are often made from materials like polyester or nylon.

The embroidery is a major attraction of sukajan jackets. Using old-fashioned sewing machines and crafted by skilled artisans, each embroidery is painstakingly created, resulting in high-quality, intricate designs. The delicate use of colors and gradients, which are difficult to achieve with machine embroidery, is a distinctive feature.

Recommended Sukajan Jackets from 'Hinoya One' At 'Hinoya One,' they use vintage sewing machines from the time when sukajan jackets were first created and pay attention to every detail, including the fabric, embroidery, and zippers. Here are their top three recommendations:

  1. 'TAILOR TOYO (Teirā Tōyō) Hinoya 70th Anniversary Acetate Sukajan "Alaska x Japan Map" - 

The embroidered map includes the names of U.S. military bases across Japan, along with 'HINOYA,' making it a special feature. There's also '70th' embroidery on the front.

  1. 'TAILOR TOYO (Teirā Tōyō) Minato Shō Special Edition Sukajan "Dragon x Eagle" Print -  This model faithfully reproduces sukajan jackets produced by 'Minato Shōkai,' the predecessor of 'Tōyō Enterprise,' in the 1940s and 1950s. It features a design with dragons and eagles that exudes an Oriental atmosphere, with the eagle side being a rare printed design for sukajan jackets. The acetate-rayon fabric used maintains a vintage feel, making it a truly unique piece.
  1. 'TAILOR TOYO (Teirā Tōyō) Acetate Sukajan Aging Model "Dragon Head x Eagle" - This aging model is made from acetate material and features vintage-style sun fading. It showcases classic dragon and eagle embroideries, with excellent color choices. The item allows you to enjoy the well-worn look that's difficult to achieve with brand new sukajan jackets.

The color variation of this item the aging effect is really cool! The red and white piping on the shoulders adds a nice touch. Piping is added to distinguish the front and back sides of sukajan jackets.

The fabric quality, embroidery, and even the zippers are made with meticulous attention to detail in the sukajan jackets available.