Popular Brands and Origins of Sukajan: From Traditional Japanese Designs to the Latest Trends!

The Sukajan jacket, a fashion item that seems to be trending this year, has you ever wondered, "Which brand should I buy when looking to purchase a Sukajan?"

Fashion-conscious individuals tend to have brand preferences, right?

Let's explore Sukajan jackets a bit more.

What is Sukajan?

Firstly, "Sukajan" is an abbreviation for "Yokosuka Jumper." Sukajan originated in Japan when American military servicemen stationed in Yokosuka decided to have their outerwear embroidered as a memento.

Indeed, the Sukajan jacket's overall shape is somewhat similar to military jackets like the MA-1. Originally, Sukajan jackets were made from silk materials, which were dyed and transformed from parachutes used by the military. This is why they have that distinctive glossy appearance. While there are Sukajan jackets made from different materials, let's recognize the classic ones as "Sukajan."

It's important not to confuse "Sukajan" with "Stajan." "Stajan" is short for "Stadium Jumper" and originated as an outerwear piece for baseball uniforms. The materials used for "Stajan" are entirely different, so be mindful of the distinction.

The Original Shop of Sukajan: "Prince Shokai"

The birthplace of Sukajan jackets is a shop located on Dobuita Street in Yokosuka. This shop, named "Prince Shokai," was founded in 1947. The Sukajan jackets from Prince Shokai feature embroidery that reads "Yokosuka" on the back, not "Japan." All processes for these Sukajan jackets are done entirely by hand. The shop is quite small and doesn't sell online, so if you ever visit Yokosuka, make sure to stop by.

Recommended Sukajan Brand: "Tailor Toyo"

Next, an essential name in the world of Sukajan jackets is Taylor Toyo. This company began making Sukajan jackets shortly after World War II. At one point in the 1960s, Taylor Toyo had a market share of over 90% for supplying to U.S. military PX stores. Prices for Taylor Toyo Sukajans range from around 40,000 to 60,000 yen. When you see them in person, you'll notice their distinct presence that sets them apart from others. If you want to get a classic Sukajan, Taylor Toyo is highly recommended.


The brand Houston is known for being the first to create an original flight jacket in Japan. In recent years, they've been manufacturing various domestic military items, and jackets like Sukajans and MA-1s have been gaining popularity in contemporary outfits. The prices are a bit more affordable, around 20,000 yen or so. It's a great choice for beginners.


Lastly, we recommend Alpha Sukajan jackets. Alpha is a brand established in 1959, and it became famous in Japan for its MA-1 jackets. They offer excellent functionality, so they come highly recommended!

So, whether you're a Sukajan enthusiast or looking to start your collection, these brands offer a wide range of options to choose from. Happy shopping!