Originated in Yokosuka, world standard. Now is the time to learn about Skajan coordination and brands.

Sukajan, an American casual clothing originating from Japan, is showing signs of becoming popular again! By using your unique mischievousness as an ally, you can instantly make a difference in an American casual outfit that is easy to fall into.

During the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, officially licensed products were produced in Yokosuka, the birthplace of Sukajan, which attracted a lot of attention. A competitive swimmer from Syria posted a photo of himself wearing the Sukajan on social media, and it became a buzz, which seems to have sparked the world's attention. On the other hand, in response to the resurgence in popularity of American casual coordination, people are paying close attention to Sukajan, an American casual item originating in Japan. It is undeniable that this outerwear can be difficult to wear due to its full oriental embroidery, but with the mood of the times on your side, now is the perfect time to take on the challenge. That seems to be the case.

Sukajan was born in Yokosuka after World War II. It is a type of so-called souvenir jacket, and there is a culture in which U.S. soldiers stationed in Japan would custom-make jackets on Dobuita Street in Yokosuka as souvenirs to take back to their families and lovers back home when they returned to their home countries. It was born out of something. As can be seen from the fact that a similar item called Viet Giang exists in Vietnam, souvenir jackets are characterized by incorporating designs that speak of the traditions and climate unique to the region. This is why motifs such as tigers and dragons, which symbolize the East from the American perspective, are embroidered together with motifs such as the eagle, which symbolizes America. A leading theory is that the use of shiny satin is a remnant of soldiers' custom-made jackets made from silk fabric that was once used for parachutes.

The skillful and vivid embroidery that characterizes Sukajan is also a detail that symbolizes the technical strength of Japanese embroidery craftsmen. Craftsmen improved their embroidery techniques to create designs that convey a sense of luxury and memorability even without using high-quality materials, and made skajans a globally recognized item. The embroidery, which brings together the skills of Yokosuka's craftsmen, seems to have been highly valued by soldiers, and in the past, similar embroidery was applied not only to stadium jackets but also to various souvenir items such as cushion covers, ties, and handkerchiefs. It seems that.

If you want to incorporate a sukajan with a strong American casual color into your modern outfit
What you want to keep in mind when choosing a modern look is not to look like an all-American casual guy. The key is to stick to your usual casual outfit, but add a Skajan jacket as a strong accent. By doing this, you can wear it without giving it a cosplay feel, and you can bring out the strong personality that only Skajans have.

Coordination 1
Use authentic sukajan to make a basic look stand out


Use authentic sukajan to make a basic look stand out


The Skajan jacket worn with this outfit has authentic embroidery not only on the back but also on the front. However, the basic outfits are all basic clothes such as a henley neck and chino pants, both of which are solid colors. Therefore, the strong extrusion of the sukajan itself has the effect of bringing a sense of looseness to standard outfits. The plain toe leather shoes on your feet also have the effect of removing the harshness of the sukajan.

Coordination 2
Create a different street outfit with a sukajan with modest embroidery.


Create a different street outfit with a sukajan with modest embroidery.


The sukajan worn in this outfit is a type that has less embroidery than the previous one. In the case of these sukajans, you can wear them with American casual clothes without looking too aggressive. So, even if you wear it with a street-style outfit such as work-style chinos and a cap, it will create a good atmosphere and make you stand out from the crowd. The mischievousness of the embroidery has a high affinity with a skater-like worldview, and goes well with skate-shoe-like sneakers.

Coordination 3
The luster unique to silk naturally guides your outfit into mode.


The luster unique to silk naturally guides your outfit into mode.

Depending on how you do it, you can make it look more fashionable with the unique luster of skajans. This coordination can be said to be a successful pattern. She is wearing a monotone outfit with wide-legged pants and a long white T-shirt. On the other hand, the luster of the black sukajan blends in surprisingly naturally, and the distinctive embroidery provides just the right accent. You'll get a more stylish look if your pants are loose, rather than slim.

From masculine items to trendy items. 12 Skajan jackets carefully selected from recommended brands


Nowadays, the options for Sukajan are becoming more and more abundant. There are authentic styles with a rustic atmosphere, and there are also styles that are less harsh and more fashionable, and an environment is gradually being created in which people can wear them casually without being daunted by the high hurdles they once felt. From among them, let's introduce some immediate candidates.

brand 1
"Houston" Sukajan 50904


"Houston" Sukajan 50904

This product, created by the Japanese American casual brand "Houston," is made with velveteen, which has an irresistible soft feel that is different from satin. Although it has Japanese pattern embroidery unique to Sukajan, it is also characterized by a mixture of American casual motifs such as bald eagles and maps of Alaska. This makes it look less naughty, so it blends in easily with jeans.

brand 2
"Tailor Toyo" Reversible Sukajan



“Tailor Toyo” Acetate Souvenir Jacket

"Tailor Toyo'' is a long-established store whose predecessor was "Minato Shokai,'' which delivered clothing such as sukajans and aloha shirts to US military bases in the 1950s. This is truly a pioneering brand of Sukajan. This piece, which uses acetate rayon twill for the body, is an authentic piece that carries on that tradition into the modern day. However, when turned inside out, gold embroidery appears on the black body, and it has been updated to be reversible so that it can be worn as a sukajan in a different color.

brand 4
"Vanquish" Shibuya souvenir jacket
This is a sukajan from Yokosuka that has a Shibuya feel. The embroidery on the front is not a tiger, but the faithful dog Hachiko, and the embroidery on the back is an illustration of a map of Shibuya, giving it a playful finish. Moreover, it has a 2-way design that can be worn as MA-1 when turned inside out. When worn as MA-1, it will be a solid black color without embroidery, making it an attractive value as you can enjoy two different faces.